The Experience


Open Your Mind’s Eye

On Thursday, February 9th, Appleton and guests delved into the subconscious, where dreams are born and visions are formed. Each room evoked our intuitive nature and challenged us to transcend to a different plane. Guests encountered a trippy sight as soon as they entered the party with 3D art placed throughout the Giving Circle Gallery, but that was only the mind-boggling beginning. A Rorshach-esque game created competitive conundrums while the oxygen bar provided scented O2  aromas to stimulate guests’ recollection. In the numerous video suites, guests left this reality and entered a virtual one with immersive entertainment, including a mind-trip virtual reality session and an audible digital doodling game.

Heading upstairs, Brain Crush guests encountered a psychedelic photo experience with a snapshot. To bring their mind’s eye to life, guests lined up to have a realistic eye professionally painted on their person. And for those in need of a respite, a certified masseuse was ready to caress their cranium. Mind readers traveled around both floors of the event to give guests insights into their future.

Courtesy of John Michael Exquisite Weddings and Catering, this Orlando event featured a unique feast of food and desserts — each one possessing brain-boosting ingredients. From the Mindful Macaroni and “Chi” Sushi to the Cloud Nine Cupcakes, the spread roused our neurons. And to provoke the taste buds, Palate Perplexers miraculously turned sour foods sweet.