The Experience & Answers

The Brain Crush Experience

  • Lucky 13 Trivia Game
  • Wandering Palm Reader
  • Augmented Reality Station
  • Dining in the Dark  – Guess What You Are Eating
  • Logo Illusions Game
  • Animate Yourself – Photo Fun Station
  • Nitrogen Ice Cream Bar
  • Imagination Station – Green Screen Drama
  • Brain & Grain – Appletini Shooters
  • Brain Food – John Michael Exquisite Weddings and Catering
  • Brain Bar – Quantum Leap Winery


Genius Questionnaire Answers

We surround ourselves with the best minds we can find and we think you’re one of them. But how does you brainpower really match up? Scroll down to find out the answers to the Lucky 13 Trivia, Dining in the Dark secret menu and Logo Illusions challenge you played throughout the evening.

Lucky 13 Trivia Answers:

1. What is Scotland’s national animal?  Unicorn
2. What is sphenopalatine ganglioneuralgia?  Ice cream headache/brain freeze
3. How much food will you consume in your lifetime?  35 tons
4. What popular drink is known to improve memory and reduce your risk of depression?  Coffee
5. The brain accounts for only 2% of your weight but consumers how much of your body’s energy?  20%
6. Which fruit is a member of the rose family and comes in over 7,000 varieties?  Apples
7. How long would it take you to watch every YouTube video?  1,000 years
8. How many pages would it take to print a single day’s worth of tweets?  10 million
9. Which part of a website produces 434% more indexed pages?  Blog
10. The word “verb” is ironically what part of speech?  Noun
11. Which insect has a transparent stomach?  Ant
12. What color helps boost creativity?  Blue
13. How many apps are in the Apple Store to date?  1,200,000

Secret Menu Answers:

Sweet – Lavender muffin

Sweet – Apple muffin

Savory – Cauliflower quiche

Logo Illusions:

And 16 logos in the Logo Illusions video challenge