The Experience

Our Mind-Bending Interactive Stations:

This year’s Brain Crush theme shined a light on our emotions and the colors that represent them. Laughter filled the first floor as Brain Crushers walked into the orange comedy lab, grabbed a drink and played a game of charades. Down the hall, only the most daring of guests entered the purple rooms of doom, where they were offered a fear-inducing snack and a virtual insane asylum experience. Right upstairs, guests washed their worries away and entered a state of serenity with a masseuse and psychic in the blue room. Next door, love was in the air and red made quite the lair at our infatuation station where aphrodisiacs sprinkled the tables and party-goers learned about the three types of Greek love. Saving the best for last, happiness emanated from the flipbook station as yellow lit the room.


Humor: Comedy Lab

  • Crack Up and Act Out: Digital Charades
  • Blow Your Mind with Brain Juice: Bar
  • How Funny Are You?: Joke Cards
  • Bone Appetit: Edible Funny Bones

Fear: Rooms of Doom

  • Explore New Dimensions: Immersive Reality Insane Asylum
  • Live Fear Poll: Vote for the Scariest Video
  • Chirp and Slurp: Flavored Cricket and Worm Taste Test

Serenity: Zen Den

  • Relaxation Station: Masseuse
  • Unwind Your Mind: Lounge
  • Compress and De-Stress: Stress Balls
  • Look into Future Emotions: Psychic

Love: Infatuation Station

  • Aphrodisiac Mood Food: Desserts and Post-Dinner Drinks
  • Eros (Passionate Love): How Romantic are You? Quiz
  • Agape (Love for Humanity): Feed the Hungry Rice Game
  • Storge (Family & Friendship Love): Make a New Friend Chat

Happiness: Upbeat Street

  • Get Flippin’ Happy: Flipbook Station